Who am I?

I am a life long learner and explorer of the human experience. I've done many things in my pursuit of novelty, the constant in this pursuit being my direction, which is always forward.

Born in Denver and raised in Southern Missouri, I now live in St. Louis. Here I run WAND in addition to working with other companies through Articulate Ventures to help them explore and execute on the edge of technological innovation.

My father relocated my family to Nixa, MO when I was 3 where I lived until selling my first business and moving to Denver. I've since settled in an LRA property I purchased to rehabilitate in the Fountain Park neighborhood of St. Louis 3 years ago. I’m very close with my father who I admire greatly and who’s been a pillar of stability my whole life. 

I had been accepted and set to begin a degree in physics at Washington University after high school however, having graduated a semester early, I started a business with a close friend that tested indoor air quality and sold air purification systems. I deferred my acceptance to focus on this opportunity which we proceeded to run into the ground by overspending on a number of vanity opportunities that offered us little return. We got lucky with a modest acquisition offer from a similar business out of KC which we happily accepted as a clean break. 

With this newfound freedom and lack of purpose on what to do next, this is what led me to Denver where I lived for the next 2 years. I became a disciple of experience doing anything I could to broaden my knowledge base including social media management, web development, launching a hair care line on Amazon, brokering freight, flipping cars and many other miscellaneous things. This novelty search led me to start WAND — an uber like app for house cleaners. 

This time around, I decided to pursue WAND simultaneously to a degree in Biomedical Engineering at Washington University once again which is what prompted my relocation to St. Louis. After one semester, it became clear to me my path was not one in a university and I pivoted out to focus on WAND full time. 

I still run WAND as an asset business, and I now also work with Vance Crowe to grow the Articulate Ventures Network and am doing some of the more fulfilling work I’ve done in some time, exploring the edge of chaos and articulating the unknown through project to project consulting and contracted work.